By Donald Ray Johnson

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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Bona Fide Street Thug

1. Donald Ray Johnson, African-American, Contemporary, Urban Crime, Houston, Texas – Fiction

Chapter 1

Three Years Later.

Standing 6′ foot 1″wearing an all-black Kenneth Cole shirt and pants and sporting a pair of Gucci sun shades, Javoo stood near a small indoor-outdoor cafe in the Greenway Plaza area just outside of downtown Houston. His attention was directed to a 15-story sky-rise apartment building across the street, from where he awaited a female friend who was visiting a girlfriend to gain some information on a guy named Mitchell, the female’s boy­friend. Javoo really didn’t know the guy and on the cool, he really didn’t want to. He just wanted his money. It was already understood that he was a local hustler and had been making a sub­stantial amount of cash lately.

All he needed to know was where he kept his stash. He knew that the guy didn’t live there, or at least keep anything there, after talking to his female friend, Shalon. She would always speak about how square her girlfriend Tracy was, and how Mitchell would brag about the money he was mak­ing. She had even told him about how he would always try to holla at her behind his girl’s back, which was why he’d decided to go on and get him for his money. It wasn’t that he was jealous of Mitchell or anything like that. He had plenty of his own bread.

It was just that jackin’ was his full time job, and Mitchell was one that just so happened to make his own self his newest victim.

Mitchell was a local hustler indeed, though he purchased all his drugs across town from a guy named Money Black, whom Javoo once had a confrontation with. Money Black was ruthless, notorious, did a lot of high-cappin’ and, most of all, considered himself as the King of the Northside. That was what had caused him and Javoo to get into it in the first place. He thought he could just come to any club in the south and show the Southside playaz up. That was until he bumped into Javoo and then tried to talk down on him like he was nothin’. That’s when Javoo slapped him and then dropped him in front of two of his potnas, and ever since then they had not liked each other.

Javoo, whispering to himself and thinking of how Shalon would always get caught up in the small talk, was ready to split. He didn’t want to incidentally get spotted by Mitchell and mess up his plans to hit him. Suddenly, the glass door of the building slowly opened and Shalon stepped out, locking eyes with him and saying in a low tone, “I’m comin’, I’m comin” as she crossed the street. Shalon was a 5′ foot 6″ dark-skinned chick who always wore something similar to a sundress and heels. She always carried a top name handbag, whether it was Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or a purse made by Dior or Prada. Her walk was out of this world and horns blew in appreciation of her. Not because she was in the street, but because of the way she so graciously scaled the surface over to where Javoo was standing.

“Ready to go?” Shalon asked. “Yeah, I was ready 20 minutes ago. I started to leave yo’ ass,” he said in a joking manner. “And if you would’ve … ,” Shalon said as they both walked towards the car. Javoo owned several rides, but would always purchase a rental for undercover moves he was going to make. He knew only a fool would rob somebody in his own vehicle and in Houston, Texas, that was a sure way to get your head busted. Shalon gave Javoo all the info that he needed on Mitchell as they headed towards the southwest side of town to where she lived. He’d stopped at a Timmy Chan’s restaurant so that she could pick up a bite to eat and then swiftly drove to her apartment.

“You comin’ in or what?” she asked as Javoo smiled softly.

“Not right now, lil’ mama. I’ll be back later,” he said as she smacked her lips, got out and stompishly walked to her front door. He knew she wanted to have sex with him, for she was one of his favorites, but he had robbing Mitchell on his mind and wanted to show him just how watchful the streets are. He reached for his cell phone and dialed Cornelius’s number, one of his most trusted homeys and partner in crime.

“Wud up?” Cornelius asked as soon as he answered.

“Meet me at Papadeaux on the 610 freeway. I’ll be sitting at the bar,” said Javoo.

“What’s the deal? We got business or what?” Cornelius asked him.

“I thought you knew,” said Javoo.

“Okay, see you in fifteen,” Cornelius said and then hung up.


* * *


Mitchell had two things going for him. One, he was good looking, so he always had a ring of nice looking, independent women on his team. Two, he had gained the trust of Money Black, who would always make sure that he got his product. Mitchell handled 8 to 10 kilos of cocaine, at least 5 pounds of meth, and up to 75 pounds of hydro marijuana once every two weeks. He pretty much had the Richmond/Westheimer area sewed up, and had been a smooth operator with his business.. He had a quiet and cozy looking bachelor pad just off the Richmond strip, where he didn’t allow anyone except his highest paid female friends and, sometimes, maybe a spur of the moment freak he would meet around the way. It was his hide-a-way, his place for comfort and also the nest for his product.

Stepping out of his Mercedes S550 as his garage door came shut, Mitchell walked into his condo and went to the kitchen, opened the fridge, grabbed a beer and popped the top.

“Aaahhh!” was the sound he made after taking a deep swallow. He had been thinking about his girlfriend, Tracy, and how madly in love she was with him. He had been using her account as another way to put up some of his street money and figured that someday he may marry her. But before he did, he wanted to get at her sexy ass friend, Shalon.

“Let me call this bitch,” he said as he flopped down on the couch. He searched through his cell phone, found her number and waited for her to answer.

“Hello?” Shalon said as she answered. “What it do baby? What’s happenin’ witcha?” he asked her.

“Baby! Who is this? I think you got the wrong number,” she said.

“It’s ya boy, Mitchell. You know who this is,” he said. Shalon was surprised that he had called her. She didn’t know what to think, especially after what she had just done for Javoo.

“I thought that Tracy was your baby, and how did you get my number anyway?” she asked him.

“I got it from the caller ID,” he told her.

“Ooooh! You ain’t no good, tryin’ to holla at me behind Tracy’s back,” Shalon said to him.

“Well, I didn’t call to talk to you about Tracy; I called to talk to you,” he said.

“Well, I’m about to take a bath, so you gon’ have to call me back,” said Shalon.

“Okay, I’ll call you back in about an hour,” said Mitchell.

“Bye, nigga,” Shalon said and hung up.


* * *


Javoo and Cornelius sat at the bar flirting with three of the sexiest looking women in the restaurant. They sipped on Patron and cranberry, while two of the women sipped on Grey Goose and Red Bull, and the other a Jose Cuervo Gold chill shot with salt around the rim of the glass. They had planned on discussing how they were going to rob Mitchell, but were distracted when the three beautiful ladies showed up. Their conversation was just beginning to get quite interesting when Javoo’s phone suddenly begin to ring.

“Excuse me ladies, I gotta take this call,” he said as he stepped off to the end of the bar.

“What’s up?” he said answering his phone.

“You wouldn’t believe who just called me,” said Shalon.

“I don’t know…who?” he asked.

“That nigga, Mitchell,” said Shalon.

“Whatchu mean, he just called you?” Javoo asked her.

“I told you he been tryin’ to holla at me behind Tracy’s back. He said he got my number from her caller ID,” she said. _

“Uh huh! You probably gave him your number,” said Javoo.

“I didn’t!” cried Shalon.

“Well, he callin’ you and shit. Who’s ho’ is you, mine or his?” Javoo said mean-like.

“I ain’t no ho’,” Shalon replied.

“Well, you know what I’m tryin’ to do. You trippin’ talkin’ to the nigga and shit,” Javoo said.

“That’s why I called you, cause I told him that I was about to take a bath, so he said he was gon’ call me back in an hour,” she told him.

“Okay, I’ll be over there in a few minutes,” Javoo said and then hung up. Javoo and Cornelius cut the chit-chat with the females short, got their numbers and left. They had a mission to complete, and Cor­nelius was thinkin’ numbers as he followed him over to Shalon’s apartment. “So what’s up,? Talk to me,” Cornelius said once they parked and got out. “This nigga just called Shalon sayin’ that he got her num­ber off his girl’s caller ID,” Javoo told him.

“Do he know you?” asked Cornelius.

“Nah, he don’t know who I am, but let’s talk inside,” Javoo said as they walked to Shalon’s front door. Javoo had a key to Shalon’s apartment, but before he could find it on his key ring, she had already swung the door open.

“Hey Shalon,” Cornelius said as they walked into her place. “Y’all want something to drink?” she asked, seeing that there was a certain serious look on Javoo’s face.

“Nah, we cool,” he said. When Mitchell called back, Javoo and Cornelius listened as she talked to him on the phone. They had a plan for him, and Javoo was always known to be a fast thinker, since his earlier plan would now have to be readjusted.

“Okay, this is what we gon’ do,” Javoo said once Shalon hung up the phone. He had already gotten Shalon to get the directions and the number to Mitchell’s condo. He also gave her specific orders to go on over to his place while they followed her in a rental and would be fairly unnoticeable. He just felt that Mitchell thought he was too slick for his own good by allowing Shalon, his girl’s best friend, to come to his spot on a spur. However, he also had to understand the safety of her reputation, and not let Mitchell think she knew of anything that was going to happen. He had told her to go in and talk casually as always, do a little flirting and comment on his and Tracy’s relationship to stretch out the situation but, at the same time, not let him touch her and do the things he wanted, without making him sweat.

Cornelius quickly whispered to Javoo as they sat in the car and waited for a signal from Shalon. That was the best part about the whole move. Perfection!

“This is too easy. You think the nigga that stupid?” he asked him.

“Pussy is a motherfucka, plus Shalon a bad bitch. He’ll do whatever she want him to do, as long as she ain’t tryin’ to leave,” Javoo said as a smile spread on Cornelius’s face.

Mitchell opened his door and let Shalon in. He couldn’t be­lieve he had actually gotten her to come over. He quickly offered her something to drink and then sat closely next to her, but Shalon did her best to stall him. She had to think of a way to get Javoo and Cornelius into that condo without Mitchell noticing. He had been touching and feeling all on her and, so, since she supposedly had already taken a bath, she insisted on him taking a shower before they did anything. That was all she had to say to get him out the way so that she could signal Javoo, and unbuttoning her pants had made her very persuasive. Mitchell knew it was on then, and jumped and ran upstairs to turn on the shower.

“Can I turn on some music?” Shalon yelled up to him as she heard him scramble around upstairs.

“Yeah, go ahead,” Mitchell shouted. Shalon quickly called Javoo and went and unlocked the door once the music was on. As soon as Mitchell stepped in the shower, Javoo and Cornelius eased into the condo and lightly duct-taped Shalon. She didn’t know that this was gon’ be a part of the plan and trembled as she watched Javoo creep up stairs with a ski mask on and his gun in his hand.

“You gon’ be straight. Javoo knows what he’s doin’,” Cor­nelius whispered to her. Seconds later Mitchell, with Javoo’s hand clutched tightly to a belt around his neck and a gun pointed at his head, came downstairs. Javoo caught him just as he was getting out the shower, and Mitchell was as naked as a jaybird.

“You know what time it is, playa,” Javoo said to him. Mitchell saw Shalon with her hands tied behind her back and tears coming from her eyes. A guy wearing a mask and holding a gun was standing over her and that’s when he knew what was happening.

“Get down on the floor by yo’ bitch, nigga,” Javoo said as he slammed Mitchell to the floor and pressed his gun to Mitchell’s head. Cornelius quickly came and began to duct tape him as well.

“Where that work at, nigga?” Javoo roughly asked him.

“Whatchu talkin’ bout man, what work?” asked Mitchell. Javoo kicked him in his side and then slapped him on his naked ass as he kneeled down next to him.

“Whatchu think, I’m just visiting, nigga? I’ma blow this ho’ brains all over yo’ ass if you don’t spit it out, ho’ ass nigga,” Javoo barked. Mitchell thought about what was happening. He had never been in a situation like this before. He knew he didn’t want to die, and he sure as hell didn’t want to be responsible for Shalon’s death, not in his condo. “Upstairs…upstairs in the closet,” he said as Javoo stood over him.

“Anyone of ’em move, you know what to do,” Javoo said as he headed back to the stairway. Mitchell closed his eyes and shook his head from side to side, as he thought about the money he had stashed upstairs.

“This is fucked up,” he said as he heard Shalon constantly speaking in a low tone, “Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me.”

“Shut up, nigga!” Cornelius ordered, just as Javoo came back downstairs carrying two large duffle bags. Mitchell began to wiggle around on the floor, as if he was gon’ try to stop Javoo and Cornelius from leaving with the duffle bags. That’s when Cornelius kicked him upside his head and then kneeled down to put his gun to his head.

“Keep yo’ ho’ ass still or I’m gon’ bust you in yo’ ass, nigga. You lucky we lettin’ yo’ ass live as it is, so you just lay right here and think about that,” Cornelius said and then he and Javoo stepped out of the condo and quickly walked to the car. They drove down Richmond Avenue and then over to the 59 freeway. Cornelius had a jazzy little apartment there, in a place called Holly Hall, out on the south side of town and that’s where they went to separate their win for the day. It was just a common thing to hit a nice lick and then go chill for the rest of the evening. They had just put in a full day’s work and, thanks to Mitchell, the rest of the week wasn’t going to look too bad either.

“Let’s do this real quick, ’cause Tanasia been callin’ me all day,” Javoo said as he unzipped one of the duffle bags and then the other. Inside one of the duffle bags were five kilos of cocaine, a pound and a half of meth, and six pounds of Orange Cush hydro marijuana.

“Man, this cush smells good,” Cornelius said pressing one of the huge Zip-locks to his nose.

“Yeah, but I bet it don’t smell as good as this,” Javoo said, showing Cornelius the money inside the other duffle bag. Javoo dumped the money onto the table and after 30 minutes had passed they were at $127,000 and still counting.

“This boy been puttin’ in some work,” Javoo said after counting his last stack.

“Where you at?” he asked Cornelius.

“This twenty one Gee’s right here,” he said as he pointed at a couple stacks of money.

“Whatchu got?” he asked him back.

“I got seventeen more right here. So, that’s one sixty five altogether,” Javoo said to him. Javoo had planned to give Shalon $25,000 for her part in the scam once she got back to her apartment. He took in $90,000 since he had planned the whole thing, had the rental, and Shalon, the key to Mitchell’s condo.

Cornelius, he wasn’t trippin’ at all. He took in $50,000, three kilos of cocaine, the pound and a half of meth and three pounds of cush.

“I gotta go,” Javoo said as he tucked his two bricks and three pounds of cush in with his money, gave Cornelius some dap and walked to the door. Now, he was just hoping that Shalon would get out of Mitchell’s condo without getting hurt.

“You be careful and make sure you keep your phone on, ” he said to Cornelius, then turned and walked to his car.

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